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so i was drawing and then i *boop* accidentally drew matt smith



Kind of a terrible scan, but hurrah! I managed to draw that tricky eye. :)
Didn’t do this one with my usual technique, so it’s not as exact as my portraits are normally. Hmmmmm.
If you’re wondering, this is one of Matt’s wonderful expressions when Clara is telling him she’s not a ghost or a stand in (at the end of The Rings of Akhaten). There’s more comedy in Matt’s ACTUAL expression, but, like I said, less exact than usual.
Strathmore ‘Toned Tan’ sketch paper, 5.5”x8.5”
Pencils (HB-4B) and white pencil crayon.

bloody fantastic

Remember that we started out with this:

And ended up with this little bastard Goofball Loveable Idiot:

I’m pretty sure we will all be pleasantly surprised when we see the fella in action.

Finished Matt Smith Sketch! About 25 mins or so?
Matt Smith in about 30 seconds